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Welcome to FindListings.ca – you’ve found a great place to help you search for your new home!

We specialize in showing properties you may not see on other resources. Why? … because FindListings.ca was created in 2006 to allow anyone – agent, owner, manager or whoever – to add their property and show it to you, the interested buyer. For the owner it is free, simple and without “any catch”.

Unlike many other resources, we don’t push the advantages of either the  FSBO (For Sale By Owner) or agent-listed market – we simply offer an open and free resource to allow owners to reach you (the buyer). Whoever is selling the property, we want you to know about it.

Obviously, when you’re looking for a new home, you are going to hit lots of places. You should! This is a big decision. Most people start their search online. There are many, many website like ours – we know this – but we do it differently.

Our systems list any kind of real estate in Canada, but we compartmentalize our broadcast sites to make them relevant and specific – meaning easier browsing for you. We have several resources to aid in this mission like apps, RSS/XML feeds, mapping tools, commercial systems, lease-optimized sites and much more.

FindListings.ca is therefore, a part of this large, Canadian-owned network of real estate websites and systems specializing in homes for sale. We keep our listings current and always remove timed-out or outdated listings.

We concentrate on the quality of the listing, by not charging people to add content. Our system is powered by owners and agents so their information is our greatest asset – why would we charge them for that? We allow up to 20 images and all the detail you can add for free – which beefits you when you’re looking.

Please browse around. If you want auto-notifications, you can use the app or  RSS/XML feed – if not, just check back often.

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