• What kind of real estate for sale is on this web site?

    Yes, you can find residential, commercial, industrial and even timeshare real estate on our network. This web site is for Canadian residential homes for sale and might show listed by agents or listed by owners (FSBO or for sale by owner) , depending which site in the network site you are looking at.

  • What is this realty network?

    Our real estate listings come from our site www.free2list.ca – where anyone can list Canadian real estate for free. Once they have listed it, it will be displayed on our network of websites, of which this is one.

  • Why can everyone list when most systems do not allow that?

    It is true that most Internet systems are either for agent-listed property only or FSBO (for sale by owner) property only. We believe that there is no need for this distinction. We think that buyers are looking for the right real estate regardless of the source. Buyers hire agents, sellers can hire agents – or they can elect not to. Regardless of this being able to find real estate in Canada should be easy, and we aim to assist in that.

    Free2List.ca is a system dedicated to allowing freedom of buyer-information on Canadian real estate for sale. So, regardless of the source or type, we hope it will be found on our system.

    We are so dedicated to this, that we allow listing for free – no cost to the buyer or seller for listing real estate on our system.

  • Why display real estate on so many websites?

    Our sites are mostly very specific. They deal with listing from a type of source (agent-listed or for sale by owner listings), or by type (only condos or only premier priced homes or only commercial realty). We have a large network to display listings in the best way to buyers in Canada.

    We want buyers to be able to find property that suits them. We believe the best way to do that is to have a system that displays all kinds of homes, houses and business properties as often and easily as possible. The more places we show them, the better chance a buyer can find what they are looking for.

  • Are We Agents?

    No – VRB Internet Solutions Ltd. is a Canadian company dedicated to marketing (not selling) real estate in canada on the Internet. We allow anyone to list their realty or that of someone who has contracted them to do so (like a real estate sales representative or broker). We know the Internet and have created a great system for people to find properties in canada.

  • What If I have real estate to sell?

    List your real estate for free at www.free2list.ca – and it will be shown on our network of web sites. Obviously, if you are looking for real estate, there is a good chance you are selling some also (unless perhaps you are a first-time buyer).

  • I am an owner selling my property – can this help me?

    Yes. You can list your property for sale at www.free2list.ca and it will show on our network of web sites, listed below. Also, on this web site, you can look for real estate for sale that you need for your next home. For sale by owner (FSBO) listings make-up a significant part of our total system listings.

  • I am an agent/broker – can this help me?

    Of course. Your clients will appreciate your efforts adding their property to as many information outlets as possible, Even agents can list for free. It is great to tell your clients that you entered their property on up to 100 Canadian realty websites for them.

  • I am an owner and have listed my property with an agent – can this help me?

    Yep! You can enter the information yourself on this system – just say yes to it being listed by an agent. You will have to understand with your agent what happens to any communications and you should speak to them about that. Or, perhaps they will do it for you in order to add to the chances of a buyer finding your property.

  • Will I get junk-emails and problem calls?

    If you put your details on the system, people can contact you. There is nothing we can do if these contacts are not to your liking. If you put your name and number in a newspaper ad, the same applies!

    We do not sell or give lists of our users to anyone outside our company. You may get emails from us whilst you have a live listing on our system – advising you of new systems, advantages in marketing and offers, but when you leave the system, these stop. We do not send many – perhaps one every couple of weeks.

  • Can we advise you on the Canadian real estate market?

    No – not from a sales point of view as we are not agents. What we can do is show you traffic for your property and other statistics that our system collects. This may be interpreted as an indicator of the people looking for real estate and specifically your property. This is Internet-traffic and you may find this helpful (note: traffic reports etc. may require upgraded/paid services).

  • I have more questions!

    Please email us by using the contact form on this web site. We will be delighted to answer your questions.

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